Sunday, 11 September 2011


Some interesting responses from our call to hear your are a couple, one from us, and a haiku for good measure. Good stuff - keep them coming...

There once was a whore with a punter
Called him small; she could’ve been blunter
So the runt pulled a stunt
When he punted her cunt
And walked out and called her a munter

Will Conway

"I'm one of the top fashionistas"
Gerald revealed to the lovely barista
He hoped she wouldn't mind
When she found out in time
He's really a barrister for Shell.

Richard Purnell

Full moon approaching.
Almost empty I recede
in preparation.

Mark Oliver Adams

PJ Harvey said to her mama,
Why did you name me Pajama,
Why PJ she cried,
We tried and we tried,
But to get you out of bed was always a drama.

Will Coldwell

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