Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Tastes of Will Conway

Will Conway headlined at our launch party for inc. 3 and tickled our audience with his obscure poems and demure one-liners - a personal favourite being "Islam. Better than pork?"
We're very happy to have met the gent and wanted to showcase his poems to say thank you. If you're hungry for more, he will be collaborating with us for issue 4 and has just published a fantastic work of fiction, 'Tastes of Ink' with Lazy Gramophone Press, available to buy here...

1. Bisouterie

Four blushing pilgrims,
More touching philtrums

Red on red, wet on wet
Slight smell of strawberries
I’m so and you’re very

Hands free to roam with no charges
Hand held. Not gazes nor grudges

x…and tell
x…and make up

Kisses spill over lips
And collapse
under lisp overlaps

Recycled respirations
Inhaling each other’s exhalations

Bilingually speechless
I tingle. You are me. Peach flesh

Inextricably linked
Inexplicably synched
You, my dear,
have tickled me pink.

2. Untitled

Long gone is the rain and dry is everything it wets
When it’s cold I put the sun in the fridge until it sets
Baking in the morning, I put it in the oven til it rises
The day can’t eat any more. It’s too full of surprises.

3. Untitled

If I deify, do I die if I defy the deity?
It’s God eat man eat God (who ate me)
Its tactic: taciturn it eats eternity
In turn internally I’ll burn infernally
A bit stern to be interred eternally
But small-fry’s no concern you see.

4. Untitled

Do I cease to exist
When my life ex-is?
Not extant. Extinct
Exit; out
X it out
So when I die from excess
And my eyes turn exes
If my I’s turned X’s
The guests I guessed would be at the funeral
Will hopefully be tenfold [in roman numerals]

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