Monday, 18 October 2010

Super sneaky sample snip-snaps.

To whet your appetite for what is to come,

Here are a couple of the briefer poems that will feature in the first issue.

The first is a short on by myself, and the second is by the one and only Gregory Sanders.


Cooker commander - Will Coldwell

I'm the commander of the cooker - Cooker commander,
In control like there's a looker kiss her don't ask her.

Flit around the unit - Generate food,
As nice as how tough that last boot that you chewed was.

I've got gas marks on my hand - Mark my words,
Click goes the ignition that's what you just heard.

Desert is for nerds.

Fill your mouth with mains just to keep in the words.

Enter the grill general- Hot like venereal,
With the itch comes the switch to turn down the dial.

Frizzle frazzle razzle dazzle - Turning food to golden brown - No hassle.
Or trouble,
Unless you want salad because I'm cooking casserole.

I found time - Greg Sanders

I found time, he was jumping over potholes in his rush to get ahead of me,
Throwing pebbles turning corners burning bridges always trying to get the best of me,
and I still can't explain how he twists and turns my feet blistered burned remind me of the sweet rest I need.
And I know time wouldn't listen, even if I caught him up he never does -
Every time I reach I miss him, every time he leaves me at a loss,
and I know I know no use complaining, just keep the ball in play,
Time waits for no man, I just wish he'd slow down, even for a day.

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