Thursday, 13 October 2011


This poem was completed yesterday with the kind help of the Young Writers Group at UCL.


Use your gumption
Freewheel to junction
Warm for October
Light turns amber
Wrestle with jumper
A sweaty blunder
Head stuck under
Sleeves and collar
Washing powder
So epiphanic -
Crouching traffic
Hidden panic,
Engines manic
Parted tides pour oceanic
and rush.

Gentrified canalside:
Dieting gas-holders,
Bored buddleia,
Even the coots are coy.
Surface tension on
Stagnant water
Yet –
Slicing through the green film
An arm arches and peaks,
Rubber capped and blubber skinned
A man swims.

I grip my brakes to gaze at him,
Trawling these arteries
Past locks and quays to the heart, which is
This moment
Sticky like sap, catching insects 
In frozen lights and held breath
While I, enraptured, captive, captured
Watch it all ooze and set

     to perpetual amber  
Not perennial green.

Anya Pearson

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