Thursday, 18 August 2011

London riots poem - Newsday

Poem written in response to the Riot Pieces project. Check it out here.


It’s easy to find out what’s happening...

When everyone has News 24 for faces,
And speakers for mouths,
Wagging electric cable tails with delight,
As their features flicker at the latest filmed fight.

We all put televisions on our heads that day,
And walked around letting them speak for us,
As we rushed to vocalise what we had heard on the news,
Second hand views; channel hopping blues.

And, through static smudged vision,
We filmed the streets with our eyes,
And frame-by-frame saw exactly what we had seen,
Only seconds before on our television screens.

Until slowly, eye glints glazed,
Smoke hazed,
And things returned to the way,
They were before.

People at home in front of TVs and TVs safely in stores.

Will Coldwell

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