Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Murmur and Dorian Gray to perform at WORD IS BORN

It seemed appropriate to introduce a couple of the talented poets that will be performing at the start of Word Is Born this Sunday.

First up is Josh Solnick AKA Murmur. Josh has been writing poetry and rap for years and is well known as the frontman for the musically intricate band Fur. Josh has a couple of poems in the first issue of Inc., including the much loved Make Tea Not War (Come on everybody make tea not war!) Josh is also one of the founding members of the Word Is Born night, set up with Soul Rub don Greg Sanders.

If you find a spare moment have a listen to some of his tunes at

Also on the bill is Dorian Tranquille-Day AKA Dorian Gray, both of which are exceedingly cool names to possess. Dorian is a regular performer at Word Is Born and will be performing a brief set with a couple of his new poems.

Follow him on twitter at

Myself (Will Coldwell) will also be performing a few recent rhymes on important issues such as cooking, cleaning, jobs and dub.

As you already know, your word addled minds will then be unwound by the ethio-jazz stylings of the Abyss Quartet.

And did I mention you get a free issue of inc. magazine?




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